Winter 2019 Newsletter and Update

ICA Computational Methods Interest Group
2019 Winter Newsletter and Update

Greetings! This newsletter from the ICA Computational Methods Interest Group is designed to provide you with a brief preview of the upcoming 69th Annual ICA Conference being held in Washington DC from May 24 – May 28. We look forward to seeing all of you there!

ICA Overview. We received 115 individual submissions and one panel proposal this year. Many thanks to all submitters and especially the reviewers for all of their hard work! In order to make the most of our scheduling, we focused on scheduling 6 presentations per session. As a result, we were able to create a great lineup of 72 papers (including 6 posters). See our website for an overview of panels:

Top Paper Awards. Many thanks to our best paper committee: Winson Peng (chair), Deen Freelon, Robert Bond, and Sandra González-Bailón. The committee had the pleasure of reviewing an excellent slate of papers, and chose four papers for the top paper award (in no particular order):

The Network Dynamics of Conventions
Joshua Aaron Becker

The Dynamic Relationship between News Frames and Real-World Events: A Hidden Markov Model Approach
Frederic Rene Hopp, Jacob T Fisher, Rene Weber

The Temporal Turn in Communication Research: Time-Series Analyses Using Computational Approaches
Chris Wells, Dhavan V. Shah, Jon C. Pevehouse, Jordan M. Foley, Ayellet Pelled, JungHwan Yang

The Electoral Dimension of Disinformation: Political Astroturfing on Twitter
JungHwan Yang, Franziska Keller, David Schoch, Sebastian Stier

Congratulations to all winners! Note that there isn’t a top paper session; the above papers will be presented in their respective thematic sessions instead.

Preconference. There are two preconferences organized by our members this year: Expanding Computational Communication: Towards a Pipeline for Graduate Students and Early Career Scholars (organized by Josephine Lukito, Nate TeBlunthuis, and Frederic Hopp), and Deep Learning for Automated Image Content Analysis (organized by Yair Fogel-Dror and Andreu Casas). More information:

Travel grant and fee waivers. This year CM has offered limited travel support to our members. We have notified the awardees individually. Checks will be distributed during the CM business meeting at Washington DC.  

Business meeting and reception. Our business meeting will be held on Saturday May 25th, 5:00 PM – 6:15 PM; DuPont (Washington Hilton, Terrace Level). On Sunday May 26th, there will be a joint reception in the Mad Hatter ( from 6pm to 8pm. Note that due to scheduling issues the reception will happen the next day (instead of immediately following the business meeting, as in the past). Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Upcoming election for vice-chair. Per ICA’s rotation rules, Wouter van Atteveldt will step down as chair after ICA 2020, and Cindy Shen will take over the position of chair. We will be holding an election for vice-chair in September and are currently seeking nominations (due in July). Details of the nomination procedure will be forthcoming.

If you haven’t already, please take a moment and follow @ica_cm on Twitter. You can also find us on Facebook by searching “Computational Methods Interest Group.” Job postings and other relevant announcements are often shared via the above social media channels, and it is a great way to stay in touch with the group.

See you in DC.


Wouter van Atteveldt

Cindy Shen
Vice Chair

Matthew Weber