New Software and Tools for Analyzing Communication

Fri, May 26, 14:00 to 15:15, Hilton San Diego Bayfront, 3, Aqua 309

In this session we will demonstrate new tools and software that can be used to analyse communication. The setup is that all speakers will give a very brief presentation and then setup an interactive demo so you can see the tool in action and ask more detailed questions.

The lineup: [Download slides here]

  • Collecting and Analyzing Social Media Data Using SocialMediaLab – Timothy John Graham, The Australian National U; Robert Ackland, Australian National U
  • Virtual Observatory for the Study of Online Networks (VOSON) – Robert Ackland, Australian National U
  • Same, Same? Ensuring Comparative Equivalence in the Semantic Analysis of Heterogeneous, Multilingual Corpora – Christian Baden, Hebrew U of Jerusalem
  • Automatic Text Analysis Made Easy: Using AmCAT, NLPipe, and R to Do Corpus Management, Linguistic Processing, and Automatic Text Analysis – Wouter van Atteveldt; Kasper Welbers, U of Leuven; Antske Fokkens, VU U Amsterdam; Nel Ruigrok, LJS Media Research; Martijn Bastiaan, U of Copenhagen; Christian Stuart, U of Amsterdam
  • Facebook Page Data Extraction for Nonprogrammers: Introducing the Netvizz and Facepager Tools – Michael Che Ming Chan, Chinese U of Hong Kong
  • Corpustools: An R Package for Text Analysis Beyond Bags of Words – Kasper Welbers, U of Leuven; Wouter van Atteveldt