ICA conference schedule

Here is an overview of the very exciting lineup of Computational Methods panels at ICA in San Diego the coming days:

08:00 Applications of Topic Modeling
11:00 Computational methods in Journalism
12:30 Computational methods Poster Session
14:00 New Software and Tools for Analyzing Communication
15:30 What Computational Methods contribute to Communication Research
17:00 Business Meeting

08:00 Automatic Sentiment Analysis
09:39 Semantics and Structure of Online Communication
12:30 Temporal and Spatial Analysis of Mobility Data

11:00 Advances in Text Analysis Methods
14:00 Network Methods for Communication Research
17:00 Computational Methods for Analyzing Visual and Online Communication
18:30 Joint reception @ Quad Ale House

14:00 Advances in Network Analysis
15:30 Computational Methods for Studying Political Communication

Two gentle reminders: please consider nominating someone or yourself for the  positions for vice-char and secretary of the interest group and consider submitting your papers to the special issue on Computational Methods of CMM (deadline: 1st of July)